"the only way to do great work is to love what you do" 

- steve jobs -


We either participate with own capital, time and network. When required we can help provide venture capital. We only participate when we have a strong personal commitment with the owner or with a company. Additionally we need to find a natural role to support the owning family or the entrepreneur during the desired change. Normally we exit after delivering the required transformation. 

Interim Management

We can provide interim management services executed by people from Synergia. Next to that we have an extensive network of professionals. We prefer participating (risk based) in your success and thus keeping your initial investment overseeable and creating maximum of alignment. We always need to have a personal commitment with the owner or with the parent company. 

Advisory services

We personally provide strategic advisory services for family-owned companies or entrepreneurs facing a personal, strategic or commercial challenge. Again we need to feel passionate about you, your ambitions and your business to help achieve the desired goals. Advisory work is always done for a longer periode and always on mutually agreed retainer base.

Synergia Management Group

Synergia Management Group participates in family or entrepreneurial companies with a need or a strong desire to turnaround their business. Working with other passionate entrepreneurs helps to fulfill our personal goals at Synergia Management. We always actively participate, either with know-how, network or capital, to achieve the desired business transformations.